As each year comes to a close, I find I have time to finally pause and reflect on the tremendously rewarding experience that being a small tech business owner has provided. The rewards always come down to people first and foremost—those that are part of the Vizionara team, and the clients that we work with day in and day out. Working with amazing people that are positive and challenge me to keep upping my game is what energizes and motivates me.

The second factor that makes it so rewarding is that I chose a career in tech, which means there are always new challenges to solve, new applications to learn, and unique ways to help people embrace technology to benefit their business. This combo of working with talented people and tech is what “sparks joy” for me personally.

If you can apply the KonMari method to assess a sweater, why not when assessing your career choices!

As you consider 2023, think about what sparks joy for you and what fills your cup. If it’s not what you are doing, start taking steps towards change. I often chat with people who aren’t happy with their current work situation, or career, but I seldom talk to people who are actively taking steps to change what they are doing.

That’s where the magic happens…

I get it, change can be scary, risky, or financially tricky, but we owe it to ourselves to use our one life to be the best we can be while doing what makes us happy. If you are in the same career, job or work location at this time next year, will it be because you are doing what you love, or because you didn’t take steps to find what sparks joy for you?