Jen Ellis

Sr. Consultant

Jen draws on more than 20 years of experience to help clients drive process improvements to transform the work of their IT and software development teams.

She has worked in major corporate consulting firms, large technology companies, small start-ups, and, most recently, drove product licensing processes for a leading developer of mathematical computing software. Jen also brings a decade of higher education experience, having taught courses in operations, supply chain, and project management at Babson College. Foundational to her career has been her knack for guiding clients to prioritize and manage trade-offs within a portfolio of products and projects.

Jen offers strong IT experience in management of enterprise applications related to product development, including product data management, product lifecycle management, configuration control, and team collaboration applications. Her software product development experience includes applications enabling innovation management, portfolio management, resource allocation, and project management.

Jen also has a unique background in digital rights management that encompasses full lifecycle understanding of product licensing, from product design through back-office systems and customer support systems. She recently combined her portfolio management experience with her technical understanding of software delivery to help a growing software company focus its license offerings to meet the needs of a wide variety of customer types.

Facilitating the learning experience for others has been a theme throughout her professional life. Her proudest accomplishment was being awarded “Advisor of the Year” by the Student Government Association at Babson College and she currently serves as a mentor to students at her local community college.

Jen holds a Master of Business Administration from Boston University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. She is certified in SCRUM and qualified in Six Sigma.