Spring is in the air signaling new beginnings and changes all around us.  Especially now, as we roll off a year of Covid and uncertainty, the fresh start and hope that we associate with the blooming of spring seems more profound than ever and provides an opportunity to pause and reflect on what our new beginning may look like.

What did you learn during Covid that works for you or that you’d like to change?   How can we all use what we learned to find our new path or adjust our existing paths personally and professionally?

For me, I realized I wanted to adjust my path to find some time to give back in a more meaningful way.  There are a number of topics that I’m passionate about, but have finally realized that since I knew I couldn’t invest time in them all at once, I actually wasn’t moving the agenda forward on any of them as much as I’d hoped.  Instead I’ve decided to opt for a seasonal approach and have selected one focus area for this spring:  supporting those women I know looking for a “new” path.

I’ve recently been fortunate enough to meet with a number of college students exploring careers in business and women who are relaunching their careers in tech.  Through these conversations I’ve been inspired and excited for all of them to find what they are looking for.  I’ve somehow managed to find a career I love that works for my lifestyle, and ideally just want to help others find the same.  Sounds simple doesn’t it?

Want to help the cause?

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