Our Services

There are a number of ways that Vizionara can help you drive value and change in your organization. Everyone’s challenges are different, and as such we can customize our services to meet your needs. A sample of the types of engagements we’ve managed in the past include the following:

Digital Transformation

Starting a large scale transformation program?

Vizionara can help you align your program goals and objectives with process, technology, and change management work streams to be successful.

IT Portfolio Management

Struggling to get your arms around all of the moving pieces in your organization?

Vizionara can help you put together a framework for managing your portfolio’s health by measuring spend, key milestones, resources, and timelines so that you have the insight needed for success.

IT Organizational Planning

Wondering if your team is structured in a way to take you to the next level?

Vizionara can perform an organizational assessment to identify recommendations for team structure, roles & responsibilities, and how to infuse new energy into the team.

IT Communications

Doing great work in IT that is not getting noticed by stakeholders?

Vizionara can provide coaching on how to build an IT Communications function or plan that is effective, cost efficient, and knows how to translate technical speak into what resonates with your key audiences.

IT Change Management

Building great technology but struggling with getting users to adopt it?

Vizionara can work with your team to develop change management strategies and programs to get users through the change curve and out the other side.

IT Workforce Training & Development

Have a solid team but want to provide additional development opportunities?

Vizionara can build customized IT management development programs to focus on what matters most for your workforce.

Women in Tech Development Programs

Need to do a better job retaining and developing the women in your organization?

Vizionara can start with a series of focus groups across the women in your organization to identify what is top of mind, compare to industry best practices, and then build a plan for achieving your goals.

Voice of Customer Programs

Building a C-SAT/E-SAT program from the ground up or jump starting an existing one?

At Vizionara, we understand the importance of understanding your Customer (and Employee) satisfaction and even more importantly, what to do with the information once you have it. Vizionara has a proven track record for establishing C-SAT/E-SAT programs with Fortune 500 IT organizations to help understand the current landscape and create recommendations and step by step programs to chart tangible improvements.